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Active warning systems prevent pedestrians and fellow road-users from being hit by reversing vehicles. Chauffeurs and drivers receive optical and acoustic signals when obstacles or people are detected around the vehicle. This doesn’t only reduce the chance of accidents and damage but also reduces associated costs.

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Why Sylogi detection systems?

  • Active warning
    With Sylogi detection systems, drivers are automatically warned about danger as soon as the sensors detect something.
  • Detection of obstacles and people
    Because the systems detect both people and obstacles, it is not only the vehicle that is protected but also other vehicles and people.
  • Tailored solutions
    Sylogi detection systems are fully custom-made. This means that they deliver the best result for each vehicle and every different environment.
  • They work - every time and everywhere
    Because they provide optimal protection against dust and water, Sylogi detection systems are ideal for use even in the toughest conditions.

Solutions tailored to you

From design to fitting

We design Sylogi detection systems along with technical partners who each have vast experience in their specific areas. Because of this we are very flexible and can design the end product exactly in line with end-users’ specific needs. We can also take charge of fitting the products if our clients wish.

What sort of detection do I need?

The right detection system in every environment

Closed-off areas

A type of detection in which a unit in a machine communicates with tags carried by people or vehicles. Everyone who enters an area, such a warehouse or building site, receives a tag. As a result, this detection system is ideal for closed-off areas.



Every person and every obstacle with a tag and within a danger zone around a vehicle is detected.

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Open spaces

This sort of detection is ideal for vehicles in open spaces such as public roads. Every object or person is detected. The driver of the vehicle receives an audible and/or visual warning.



Radar detection system that alerts drivers with audible and visual signals as soon as the sensors detect something or someone within the specified radar area.

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