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Tag Based Proximity Warning & Alert System | Sylogi Shield

Collisions between vehicles and with personnel can be prevented with Sylogi Shield. As soon as a person or another vehicle enters a pre-defined hazard zone, the operator will receive an audible and visible warning in the cab. This significantly decreases the odds of a collision occurring.

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Why Sylogi Shield?

  • Detects people or vehicles in a pre-defined hazard zone
  • Warns equipment operator using audible and visual signals
  • Records events with a data logger (optional)
  • Ability to automatically decrease the speed of equipment upon detection of tag (optional)





Forklift Truck


Dump Truck

Skid-steer loader

Wheel Loader

Sylogi Shield is comprised of the following components

Sensor + antenna

Device that detects the proximity of Tags and communicates that information to the Alarm Display.


Device worn by personnel that allows them to be detected by the Sensor.

Alarm display

Provides a visible and audible warning to the equipment operator that a Tag has been detected in the pre-defined hazard zone.

Data logger (optional)

Device, included within the Sensor, that digitally records pertinent historical information for later analysis. This information includes hazard detection events, specific equipment and Tag identification and the date & time of occurrence.

Complementary accessories

Go for extra safety

Collision risks can be further decreased by equipping Sylogi Shield with a Rear View Closed Circuit Camera System (RVCCCS). This allows the operator to see what is happening in the blind spot.


Do you also want to reduce the chance of damage, and protect workers?

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