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Working safely with forklift trucks is possible in many ways. For example by automatically setting the speed limit in the warehouse or areas thereof or by only giving chauffeurs with the right permit access to the use of a vehicle. Faults can also be prevented with insight into the vehicle data.

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Why Sylogi vehicle management systems?

  • Vehicle data always visible
    Sylogi’s vehicle management solutions ensure that fleet managers get an insight into the use of vehicles, always and everywhere.
  • Responsible drivers
    Allocate vehicles to individual drivers using access control. This increases chauffeurs’ sense of responsibility.
  • Prevent damage in the future
    The data for the individual vehicles can be evaluated along with the chauffeur to prevent future damage.
  • Work more safely and efficiently
    With the wide range of Sylogi solutions for vehicle management, warehouse staff not only work more safely but also more efficiently.

Why Sylogi vehicle management systems?

A solution tailored to each warehouse

No business is the same, and no warehouse is the same. This is why we provide tailored solutions for vehicle management and preventing accidents in the warehouse. We look at all the options on site and discuss our clients’ wishes with them. Based on this, we will advise you as to the products to use and provide for the fitting and/or calibration.

How can I prevent accidents in the warehouse?

An optimal solution for each situation

Speed zoning Automatic speed limits for vehicles

Most accidents in warehouses are caused by vehicles driving too fast. You can limit the maximum speed automatically in areas where a lot of people walk around, and thereby prevent accidents and damage.



Speed zoning for forklifts, which automatically forces a vehicle to drive more slowly in certain areas so that people and vehicles can continue to work safely.

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Access control Allocating a vehicle to one driver

By controlling the access to forklift trucks, only chauffeurs with the right permit or certificate may drive a vehicle. This reduces the chance of damage and accidents.



Access control system by way of which only chauffeurs with the right permit or certificate may unlock and drive a particular vehicle.

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Impact sensor Discover damage to the forklift before it’s too late

Although damage to a forklift does not necessarily have serious consequences, over the long-term it can lead to a vehicle fault. This is why it is important to be aware of all the impacts and bumps that the vehicle has suffered.



Sensors that show bumps and impacts that a forklift has suffered so that minor damage can quickly be identified.

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Hour meter Plan maintenance to forklifts and prevent faults

If forklift trucks do not go through maintenance on time, over time this can lead to a vehicle failure. This can be prevented by remotely viewing the number of hours that a forklift is in operation since the last time maintenance was performed.



An hour meter that can be read remotely and that records the number of hours that a vehicle has been operational so that maintenance can be planned on time.

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Spirit level Ensure that the forklift’s forks are level

If the forks of a forklift truck are not level, the load from a pallet could fall or be damaged when being picked from its spot. This is why it is crucial to know that the forks are level.



A level that shows through audible and visual signals whether the forks of a forklift are horizontal or tilted.

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Artificial sound Warn people of silent vehicles

Electric vehicles that do not produce noise can endanger the safety of people who are in the vicinity of such a vehicle. With artificial sound, these people are alerted as to the presence of a silent vehicle.



Artificial sound for silent electric vehicles to allow people in the vicinity to hear that the vehicle is approaching, even if it is out of sight.

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Do you also want to considerably reduce the chance of accidents in the warehouse?

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